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SEO For Construction Companies – ***TIPS TO BOOST BUSINESS NOW***

by Digital Advertising Boost
SEO For Construction Companies – ***TIPS TO BOOST BUSINESS NOW***

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Hello everyone, I am Joe Burnich from Big West Marketing and generalcontractorswebsites.net, here today to talk with you about SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and how to start bringing in more business using the internet.

A solid SEO plan starts with a website that is easy to navigate using mobile devices. Google isn’t going to rank your website if it isn’t friendly for mobile devices. You’ll need specific components for your website for Google to pay attention.

You will also need to set up a Google “My Business Page” with the proper information. Add detailed information about your business so that Google can index your business correctly.

Your business should be registered with certain directories. Pay attention to your Yelp ratings, where you stand in the Yellowpages and create a Facebook page for your company.

Watch out for shady SEO companies that promise you fast results. There are secretive SEO companies who will use strategies that may cause you to be penalized in Google searches.

SEO for construction companies is important to stay competitive. My book, “Service Business Money Machine”, provides an in-depth look at SEO and the importance of effective strategies to get your business on the top of Google searches.

I wrote this book because I started a small cleaning business and learned SEO strategies the hard way. I have outlined what works, and what is ineffective as an SEO strategy.

Boost your business using SEO techniques by giving us a call today at 406-493-1881. We offer a FREE 30-minute Marketing Strategy session, and we will take a careful look at your marketing campaign and website to see how we can help you improve.

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Thank you for taking the time to watch our informative video on SEO. Again, I am Joe Burnich from Big West Marketing and and we are ready to help you get more business through SEO strategies today that will work for your construction company.

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