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The 2022 Powerhouse SEO + Influencer Marketing + Affiliate Marketing

by Digital Advertising Boost
The 2022 Powerhouse  SEO + Influencer Marketing + Affiliate Marketing

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We know SEO works.
We know influencer marketing works.
We know affiliate marketing works.

In 2022, these three come together to give your business the extra boost needed to outperform your competitors.

And, we’re going to help you capitalize on these tactics.

Adam Riemer, CEO of Adam Riemer Marketing, and Regina Fischedick, Senior Partner Manager of Refersion, join me on the SEJ Show to talk about powering your marketing strategy.

Get inside information on leveraging SEO, plus influencer marketing’s merge with affiliate marketing, to supercharge your campaigns.

Your affiliate marketing channel can definitely enhance your SEO strategy, and there are definitely more than one or ten ways for them to work together in perfect harmony.–Regina Fischedick, 12:36

It is important to know if they can track each of the touchpoints in each of the conversions you want.–Adam Riemer, 38:18

So if you can go out and help a publisher get a much better result from what they’re doing on the advertising side, that makes all the sense in the world. It helps them, it helps you, and even allows you maybe squeeze in some other deals that they may have said no to previously just because you have such a great relationship with them.–Loren Baker, 31:04

[00:00] – Background of Adam and Regina.
[06:00] – SEO and affiliate marketing opportunities publishers may be overlooking.
[14:56] – Does affiliate traffic help Google in terms of SEO?
[19:26] – The difference between affiliate marketing and influencer marketing.
[22:18] – How can influencers be more involved in a brand, and do review tools help with conversion?
[26:00] – Are influencers mirroring what they do on social media in their blogs?
[35:46] – Ways to track the data from the influencers you work with.
[42:11] – Coupons: Are they a good thing?
[1:01:07] – Tips to help your SEO/affiliate/influencer marketing efforts work together.

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The influencers can be your affiliates, and both can be part of a strategic performance marketing mix to drive brand awareness and conversions for your brand.–Regina Fischedick, 21:09

Do not worry about audience size. Worry about the actual audience.–Adam Riemer, 26:45

Look at your actual data, see what is happening, who’s creating their spikes of traffic and sales, who are following along. If you remove them, do your sales fall? Figure out your data because each company is unique.–Adam Riemer, 1:04:31

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Connect with Adam Riemer

Adam Riemer is a true expert with more than a decade of experience in online marketing. He has helped clients achieve transparent and measurable results in SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Adware detection, PPC, and Sales Funnel management throughout his career.

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Connect with Regina Fischedick

Regina’s B2C client experience services span over 12 years, leveraging best practices and developing customized solutions that meet their business objectives. She also utilizes digital, social, print, and media channels to meet clients’ objectives.

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Connect with Loren Baker, Founder of Search Engine Journal:

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