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Top 5 Amazon Marketing Strategies To Boost Traffic – Step By Step Guide

by Digital Advertising Boost
Top 5 Amazon Marketing Strategies To Boost Traffic – Step By Step Guide

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Off Amazon Marketing Strategy:

As you know off Amazon marketing is one of the essential tools that you’ll need to master in order to produce massive sales on Amazon. And in this video, I’m going to give you the five must know tips that you’re going to need to implement and know in order to improve your off Amazon marketing strategy.

This will help you gain massive sales, gain, consistency and sales. And overall will also help you build a loyal audience of customers that will love your product and also give you reviews. Because your product is phenomenal. They will also connect you with your own personal audience, which you’ll need to tap into as you start to grow your brand on Amazon. But there are effective ways to do this. And there are effective ways to generate more sales on Amazon once you refine your off Amazon marketing strategy. So let’s go ahead and get into it. So tip number one is increase your rebate offer.

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A lot of times new Amazon sellers are running Facebook ads towards their listing what you should do when you’re driving external traffic to your Amazon products. However, what I see a lot happen is Amazon sellers are offering too low of a rebate. And they’re spending way too much money on Facebook ads. And the reason why your Facebook ad costs is so high is because there’s not an enticing offer. And when there’s not an enticing offer, people just aren’t going to click your ad. When they’re not clicking on your ad, your Facebook ad costs go up because Facebook is saying that this ad is not necessarily relevant to the audience that you’re serving. Therefore you will have a higher cost per click.

Now, a lot of sellers get frustrated, especially new sellers we get this question all the time. How to improve your Facebook ad performance when running rebate campaigns. Sometimes sellers having trouble gaining traction from their Facebook ads. And when I ask what they’re currently offering, they usually will tell me 20 or 30% off promotion, so it’s usually under 50%, which is understandable. You have a business you want to conserve as many dollars as you can towards your bottom line. Now when you’re running promotions, however you need to pivot your thinking and think okay, what is my plan for the long term, you’re building assets, which is growing your audience. And you’re generating reviews in the form of rebates, because rebates are full price purchases, and you’re gaining sales velocity, which is necessary to rank on Amazon.

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So the best way to improve your rebate campaigns is simply increase the rebate offer. So instead of running a promotion below 50%, I would recommend targeting 90% or even 100% rebate for your product, especially if your product is above $40. Because you have to think about it from the point of view of a customer. Customers are at the end of the day going to be paying full price for your product. And in the exchange for that they’re going to be getting a back a rebate in the form of a gift card. So in order to build rapport faster and get more conversions offering a “can’t miss deal” for your product, will surely improve your sales and Facebook ad performance.



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