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Why Amazon Dominates Online Shopping

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Why Amazon Dominates Online Shopping

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Fake reviews are a big problem on Amazon. There are Facebook groups where bad actors solicit paid positive reviews to bots and click farms that upvote negative reviews in an effort to take out competition. These illegitimate reviews can boost sales of unsafe products and hurt business for legitimate sellers, causing brands like Nike and Birkenstock to sever ties with Amazon.

Despite all the fake reviews on Amazon, there are professionals who earn a living reviewing products. Sean Cannell makes tens of thousands of dollars a month as a professional Amazon reviewer. He is part of the Amazon Affiliate program and reviews camera gear on his Think Media YouTube channel. Cannell makes a cut of every sale those reviews generates on Amazon.com.

Meanwhile, Walmart is looking to catch up with Amazon’s dominance in e-commerce as more and more shoppers take their business online. This is why Amazon dominates online shopping.

00:00 — What it’s like to be a professional Amazon reviewer
11:41 — Can Walmart catch Amazon in e-commerce?
28:42 — Why Amazon has a fake review problem

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Why Amazon Dominates Online Shopping

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