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Working your Real Estate Database at a High Level | Sphere of Influence

by Digital Advertising Boost
Working your Real Estate Database at a High Level | Sphere of Influence

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Working your Real Estate Database at a High Level | Sphere of Influence

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Today we’ll discuss how you can work your real estate sphere of influence, friends and family and past client databases at a very high level with a very small amount of time and money invested. At the Dustin Nulf Team we are currently using just 2 services in order to touch our “Met” database at least 16 times a year. With SlyBroadcast we are able to leave voicemails with our Sphere of Influence and Past Clients for as little as $60 per 1000 voicemails. With Send Out Cards we send 1 card per person, per quarter as well as a Christmas/Holiday card at the end of the year for all Friends and Family, Sphere of Influence and Past Clients. With around 400 people in our “Mets” database we are averaging 1 sale or referral per month so far that is a direct result of this systematic approach to working our Real Estate database. We currently use RealGeeks as our CRM also (save $150 with this link!): />
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