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Zoe Romeo Deberoo CPA Marketing Student Journey Part 42

by Digital Advertising Boost
Zoe Romeo Deberoo CPA Marketing Student Journey Part 42

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Ready to see the latest update in the Deberoo CPA marketing student journey? Today is update number 42 and we will be showing you everything that has been happening with our CPA marketing campaigns the last 24 hours of running them. In this part of the CPA marketing tutorial, I will talk about my goals with CPA marketing and what I will do in the future regarding my CPA marketing campaigns.

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To start off this CPA marketing tutorial, I will tell you guys that is very important to find a flow and a system for your business, because that is when the real results will start to happen, and then you will be able to set realistic goals for your CPA marketing business. Since I started my CPA marketing journey I have made obvious progress as I am getting less facebook ad account bans, I am improving the CTR of my CPA marketing campaigns by trying different ad creatives and ad copies. I have made progress in another very important area and that is keeping track of data.

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If you want to be successful with CPA marketing keeping track of your data is crucial as you need to know when to scale and how to optimize your CPA marketing campaigns. I am improving on the time of launching my CPA marketing campaigns, the set up of the landing pages and the set up of my facebook ad accounts. It is also very important to have a data-driven mindset and write down and analyze your mistakes because is the only way that you can improve. Thank you for following along with this CPA marketing for beginner’s tutorial, and make sure to subscribe to the channel for more videos on how to make money with CPA marketing in 2019.

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